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Rossignolli Rossignolli Warehouses offer its clients state-of-the-art specialized equipment for dry processing of coffee. From the precleaning stage, to size separation, density separation, hulling, color sorting, blending and storage, the entire process is controlled by computers and closely monitored by experienced employees.

Coffee quality control is held in a modern and equipped laboratory, where coffee is graded and tasted and cupping rounds are coordinated by professional cuppers.

The Warehouse also offers a flexible system of coffee storage, with the capacity to store 95,000 60-kg bags, either in jute bags or big bags. The warehouses are integrated to the electronic system, leading to more operational efficiency and allowing the issue of reports about the status of stored coffees for the clients.

The Warehouse is equipped with pneumatic container loading machines that enable coffee to be transported in bulk from the warehouse to the containers/trucks without manual contact, which preserves coffee quality and grants speed and efficiency to the process.
From coffee reception to storage and preparation, Rossignolli Warehouses offer the best technology to take care of your coffees.
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